You will see: • Animated fountains • Robotic transformers • Giant soap bubbles • A flying saucer over your head • Magical, mysterious and kind fairies • Plenty of foam, snow, magic and faerie!

Dear friends! BuBbLe Up To SoAp! Oops… Hurry up to see! SNOWY FOAMY SHOW IN THE LAND OF GIANT BUBBLES, FOUNTAIN! It is a superb theatrical show for children, which has no equals in Russia.

From the very beginning of the show our spectators are fascinated by everything what is going on at the stage. Fabulous special effects, snowy foamy and laser show turn the audience hall into a fairytale and the bubbles into a shining and iridescent miracle!

Charming magic of the fountain, which reaches out to the most of the stage, stream illumination system designed specially for the show creates the effect of dancing water – all this will give an unforgettable experience for both children and grown-ups.

Children together with happy clowns and favorite transformer characters Bumblebee and Optimus Prime find themselves in The Bubble Kingdom where they can see funny flying robotic aliens, kind fairies, plenty of foam, dancing polar bear Misha of three metres height as well as magic tricks with bubbles of every size – from the tiniest to the giant ones.

Unexpected appearance of a real flying saucer over the audience and magical transformation of aliens’luminous costumes create especially mysterious and enigmatic feeling during the show.

The Prince and the beautiful Princess of this Kingdom will become real magicians and will be able to put the whole your family into a bubble!!!

You and your child will get lots of delight, fascination, joy and positive emotions! The performance is going to be really fantastic and breathtaking!

Magic combination of music, unusual theatrical scenery and unique costumes as well as special effects and bubble tricks will captivate even a very demanding spectator.

The project motto is: more costumes and more new things, more crowds at the stage and more interaction with the audience, even more bubbles, light effects, magic and faerie!

Who takes part in the show?
- Specialty actors, the first and the only in Russia creators of the unique giant bubble formula, two-time champions ofthe Book of Records in Russia, prize-winners of many international competitions – Igor Seleznev and LiudmilaSelezneva (Moscow)
- Igor Seleznev and LiudmilaSelezneva’scomedian duo Ko-Bantik (Moscow)
- Show ballet Labize with their bright and fascinating costumes as well as their unique and original luminous performance Water and Light Magic (Moscow)
- Giant transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

The performance of matchless and every child’s favorite Russian clown Pipka(the prize-winner of international Circus Art Festival in Monte-Carlo) provokes the burst of applause and laughter in the audience.

It is a really captivating and mesmerizing show which doesn’t need to be much talked about not to deprive you of the opportunity to see it with your own eyes!

Everybody will be able to be photographed inside a giant bubble, in the foam ocean as well as with favorite characters and actors.

We are looking forward to seeing you, our dear spectator!