Шоу селезнёвых

The life of a little bubble is a moment!
A moment filled with bright colors,
Light and magic!
Let this moment stay in your hearts
And warm you up for years to come!

Igor Seleznev and Liudmila Selezneva

This kind of fun was known long ago and have always attracted not only children but also grown-ups. Being creative people we also couldn’t stay indifferent to this soap bubble magic.

We, Igor Seleznev and LiudmilaSelezneva, are the graduates of Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (RATI-GITIS). In Russia we are the first and the only creators of unique giant and handmade bubble formula, two-time champions ofthe Guinness Book of World Records, prize-winners of many international competitions.

The rainbow play of colors (interference), the lightness and the freedom of flight, the magic beauty – it is all about its bubble majesty. You want to look at and admire it for a long time sinking into your thoughts, dreams and plans.

Alas! The contemplation of beauty is transient. A bubble has a very short life-term. But why? Why can’t we admire its beauty as long as we can admire the stars in the sky, the northern lights or theflame of fire?

That’s what provoked our genuine interest. We have never skipped the shortcuts, so we entered a long and very interesting period of our life full of hopes and disappointments. Three years of herculean efforts, thousands of experiments, a huge amount of notebooks covered with writing. Like alchemists we were obsessed with the idea of getting constant results. Our goal was to make a bubble solid, elastic, durable and of the maximum size. Working hard day and night we were trying to create our unique formula.

Today we can say for certain that we overcame this difficult way to get to our goal! We are among those few who know how to read the mysterious interference waves of a soapfilm and understand how immense and full bubble life is, though it seems so short at first sight!

So, during our fruitful work we have achieved the following results:
- the life-term of a bubble half-sphere is 24 minutes in open-spaces,
- the maximum life-term of a handmade bubble is 5-7 minutes,
- the maximum size of a bubble is 20 metres,
- the maximum volume of a bubble is 15 cubic metres.

We finally combined our professions of a stage director and a theatre and film actor with our scientific research results of many years. And in 2008 for the first time in Russia we gave a family performance with a very captivating story line, where soap bubbles were the main characters.

Hundreds of spectators all over Russia and European countries had the opportunity to duly appreciate the uniqueness of our show. Thunderous applauses at our concerts, happy and enthusiastic children faces, “bravo!” exclamations – these are the things which help us live and create!

You give us a plentiful source of inspiration and we will try to bring you joy creating more and more new projects!

Thank you, our dear and the most loyal spectator!
Faithfully yours, Igor Seleznev and Liudmila Selezneva

Шоу селезнёвых