Laser bubble show

The audience was buzzing like an agitated bee house. Sure! How many children were there today! They were running around the hall, fidgeting in their seats, eating popcorn and asking their parents: “When will they start to blow bubbles?” When the show began, the restless spectators went quiet. At first performing artists Klepa, Konfetka and Bantik went up the stage. They were making jokes, dancing, acting out funny stories and giving little prizes to boys and girls.

And then the audience saw the Prince and the Princess of the Bubble land. That’s when the real magic began. The artists blew bubbles out of big and small soap bubble nets, blew hundreds of tiny bubbles at one time using special equipment and also made some giant bubbles, which even two children couldn’t embrace. The Prince was plunging his hands into a magical solution and blowing bubbles right out of his hand. Some whisks – and he was holding a giant bubble with many little bubbles in it.

The bubbles were tiny and giant, spherical and oval, they were iridescent in the spotlight and were flying slowly around the hall. The spectators watched this miracle with fascination, many children sprang from their seats trying to catch the giant bubbles. Children didn’t want to let the Prince and the Princess go away from the stage, they were asking to blow a giant bubble over and over again. The artists made an unusual surprise for the audience: everybody could go inside a giant bubble. You could just stand inside the wand on the platform with some special solution. The wand was lifted and the lucky child was inside a giant bubble.

When happy and surprised audience went away the reporter of the newspaper Comsomolskaya Pravda asked Igor Seleznev and LiudmilaSelezneva – the Prince and the Princess of the fairy land – some questions and found out the secrets and details of that unusual performance.

Once the artists saw a bubble show and decided to do the same thing. It is important to notice that there were no such performances in our country at that time and people could see them only abroad.

The artists decided to use the shortcuts: to buy the solution from the American creator of giant bubbles and to perform under his title. But they faced an unexpected obstacle: the inventor refused to sell his magic solution. Igor and Liudmila had to invent the soap formula themselves.

“We are not chemists, we are ordinary artists, - Liudmila says. – Day after day during six months Igor and I, having to carry on our artistic work, were busy over this solution. We were creating, trying and blowing bubbles. Sometimes we got some good solution which gave us wonderful bubbles, we left it, but in the morning the solution just didn’t work. And we had to start all over again.”

When the guys were working over the formula, they had several tasks. In the first place the solution had to be harmless and nonallergic, because children catch the bubbles during the show and some of children even try to swallow them. Besides, the bubbles had to be giant and have long life-term. It is also important for the bubbles to be non-transparent, beautiful and iridescent. Fortunately, Igor and Liudmila have managed to solve these problems and invent such solution. During six months already the Moscow artists have had their tours all over Russia.

It is interesting that the bubbles are very demanding and they can be different depending on the region. The beauty of bubbles depends not only on the artists’ skills but also on the climate. For instance, the biggest bubbles can be made on the Black sea coast due to high humidity. Igor and Liudmila had open air performances in Siberia at a temperature of -20 degrees. The artists say the scene was fascinating: the bubble was blown out and froze at the same moment, and then it fell to the ground and shattered. Unfortunately, in Stavropol it was impossible to make an open air performance, because the bubbles are afraid of the wind. The wind and drafts are the main enemies of the giant bubbles.

Igor Seleznev and LiudmilaSelezneva are the first and the only in Russia creators of the solution and the managers of the giant bubble show. Moreover, the guys made a record: they blew a bubble which remained on the table without external actions during 20 minutes! Just remember how short is the life of a bubble that we can make. And this one remained for 20 minutes! This record is worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records. The life term is more important than the size of a bubble. Though Igor and Liudmila also work over the size of their bubbles. Today, for instance, two people at the same time could go inside a bubble. But the artists are still not satisfied with what has already been achieved. They are determined to make one more soap record and put 50 people at the same time inside a bubble.

Laser bubble show

Do you want to find yourself inside a bubble and take photo of this miracle blurring the line between the magic and the reality? Do you dream of being under a colorful rainbow rain? Everything is possible! Because you are in amazing, cheerful and beautiful land which is called Fairytale! In a blink of an eye it will carry you to The Bubble Kingdom with its funny clowns, favorite characters – Tigger and Mickey, Princess Anika and Prince Aidan, funny Konfetka, flying robotic aliens and plenty of other fairytale characters. And the magic teleportation of Vikings makes the atmosphere of the show really mystical and enigmatic!

- I am so happy to see this wonderful show in Gelendzhik! – Varvara, the young guest from Serpoukhov, says. – Now I know for sure that Gelendzhik is the city where all the dreams come true! Ask the artists to tell more about their theatre.

And we asked LiudmilaSelezneva - the stage director, theatre manager and actress, whom we were interviewing.

- Liudmila, this performance made the children incredibly happy!
- But there were a lot of grown-ups too. They were so enthusiastic about everything what was going on! A fairytale is a charm and a magic. And it became a foundation of the unique in Russia Moscow theatre Illusion.
- Were there created many theatrical performances over the years of its existence?
- Yes, many. And almost all of them were shown in Russia as well as abroad: Japan, Czech Republic, China, Poland, Pakistan, Germany, Morocco… As to the laser show, the theatre which came to Gelendzhik has no equals in the world. We know that in the USA the only master who works with soap bubbles is Fan Yang. But even he doesn’t use to the full (as we do) smoke bubbles, plunging under the giant soap top, animation with graphic elements…
- Liudmila, how long have you been doing the laser show professionally?
- Understanding the secrets of details and the system of laser show usage was one of my goals when I was studying in GITIS. And the show, which was performed in Gelendzhik, was my final project which got the right for theatrical realization from a very strict jury. We work with talented, creative people: directors, choreographers, equilibrists, eccentrics, illusionists.
- Laser show is not just a beautiful action; it is also technological advances…
- Sure! In the concerts like that we use professional sound equipment, all the brightness and colorfulness of laser.
- Are your soap bubbles harmless for health?
- Completely harmless. All solutions are certified.
- Is it possible to create such soap solution at home?
- Absolutely impossible, because the preparation process of the solution which we use is a big secret. But everybody can try to make a bubble which will have a similar structure.
- Are you going to come to Gelendzhik once again? And will something new appear in your show?
- Now we have a tour in France and Italy. Then we are going to come to Kuban again. We started the implementation of a big project… It will consist of an animal circus, water show and laser show! But wait, I’m not going to tell you! For now it’s a secret! Otherwise, what kind of fairytale it will be for the audience?

Ставропольцы побывали внутри мыльного пузыря

After the performance the reporter of met the theatre managing director Konstantin Kichoutkin and asked him several questions.
- Konstantin Mikhailovich, how long has the show existed?
- Six years, and we are in the constant development, because we have a very interesting creative team. Our scriptwriter and stage director LiudmilaSelezneva is always in creative pursuit, she is constantly looking through tons of information and finding new ways and opportunities to make the performances even more colorful. It is our third time in Armavir and every time we bring something new.
It is our third time in Armavir and every time we bring something new.
- What was new in today’s performance?
- Firstly, the new performance of snowy foamy show including both the corps-de-ballet and the foam which was fun for children as well as for grown-ups. Secondly, the performance of dancing polar bear of three metres height: almost real polar bear came to visit your south city.
- Your bear had this wonderful thing with his tail, everybody loved it! How did you make it up?
- Well, our bear is very funny and smart. So it was his idea. We needed to find a way for the bear to express his good and playful mood, so he decided that it would be his tail. No one even trained him, he is a very independent guy.
- What can you say about locals’ reaction?
- We have always loved the audience response in your city. Though the hall wasn’t full today, we had the feeling that it was jammed to the rafters. So in this way we were very happy with the audience reaction.
- Do any unforeseen situations happen during the performances?
- We didn’t have any so far. But we understand that our audience is children in the first place. So we are ready for such situations, I would even say that we wait for them to happen and understand that even if it didn’t happen yesterday, it can happen tomorrow. So we have our back-up plan for this kind of situations.
- When will you come again to Armavir with your bubble show? And do you have any information about new things which we will see?
- We are working over new project, which of course will consist of some elements of this show, but next time we’ll come with a completely new performance. We like working here very much and I am sure it is hardly the last time we are here.