I want to share - rested this year with children in Divnomorsk and again, it was already 2 years ago, went to "Snow-foam show in the country giant soap bubbles". Honestly, stunned by the beautiful fountains - the last time they were not. And there are new characters - a huge robot-transformer - could not pull away from his son. We had a photo of you in the end. All very cool - well done team!

- Anna, 28 years Divnomorsk - 26.06.17 year

We often visited children's activities, and when on the beach we saw ads show giant soap bubbles, I immediately decided that I definitely will go to this performance. My youngest son just loves transformers, and bubbles loves the eldest daughter. As I wrote above, we visited many different activities, but from this show we just love it. It is very difficult to convey in words how much we enjoyed it. This varied and exciting program, beautiful characters and an extraordinarily magical atmosphere. On stage beat fountains, they shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. Personally I such never saw, even our father, who always sits in the phone couldn't tear my gaze away from the stage and also globaluserid. The first act flew by on one breath. My children absolutely could not sit still, was plenty enough soap bubbles. At intermission we have the whole family photographed in a giant bubble. The second action was even more interesting. A huge white bear was struck by his dance. When we LEARNED that we can also take a picture, then immediately make another photo for memory. Well, and of course, transformers. Such a giant like the real thing. Ivan (the younger son) didn't want to leave the gym, until the last waving his hand. This show we will remember for a long time. I advise everyone to visit, you will not regret it.

- Alexander Moscow - 22.04.2017 year

The son persuaded her to go on the show bubbles. To them the school attracts artists and showed magic tricks with soap bubbles and handed out promotional leaflets. Got tickets closer to the end of the hall and regretted that did not take place closer to the stage. This is something fascinating! These "mercury" bubbles from the stage flying in space and the first ranks of their burst, not on ground and they cannot fly. Until we drifted just a little bubbly with some devices and the children's delight knew no bounds. Huge robot and the polar bear too, very much. When I thought the performance already ends, it turned out there was also a very funny room with foam. In General, very diverse and not boring! Thank you artists and creators!

- Diana Rybinsk - 14.02.2015 year

Recently had a rest in Anapa, and seeing the bright is on the beach went with her son to "Snow-foam show in the country giant soap bubbles". I was very surprised when they actually saw in the hall real colored fountains, and plenty of bubbles, very beautiful dancers and costumes, the robot is huge and the polar bear not only on the son - I was impressed. Great! Very decent show, thank you!

- Eugene, 30 years Anapa - 25.06.2015 year

All children love bubbles, not bubbles make a great performance we could not even imagine. But we were lucky enough during the holidays to see this show. Even on the beach we saw just extraordinary bubbles, vivid characters in red suits handing out flyers and so we bought tickets for "Snow-foam show in the country giant soap bubbles". From the first minutes of the performance, I ran goosebumps, and the plot thickens. My kids were just in awe of the bubbles. These giant, red we do not see never. Very interesting storyline, high-quality sound, beautiful costumes and of course the highlight of the presentation of these fountains on the stage. This we did not expect to see. 2 hours of the performance flew by like a moment. Honestly, I did not want to leave. We would love to have gone again!!!

- Svetlana Sochi - 26.04.2014 year

Very cool! In this Show we Seleznevhas never seen. If in your city there will arrive the theater, you should definitely go! Plunge into the tale and enjoy the fun with the children. Note that the show is long (2 hours with a break). I was afraid for my 2 year old son that does not sit out as we to such events we are missing literally half an hour. But it is actually very bright, funny, even my clapping. Well done organisers, I can't imagine how you can make such a concert, to two-year-old child liked them, and me, an adult. I think this is the best show in Russia! Thank You very much!

- Valeria Ulyanovsk - 30.03.2014 year

Thought to go or not - the child is 3.5 years - I doubt that will stand almost 2 hours. Where there! Was, by the way, the kids are smaller. The spectacle of vivid and varied, so many heroes that our daughter was crying, didn't want to leave the hall and demanded a meeting with the Princess (the beautiful Princess is rarely seen). Sorecommend!

- Irina, 26 years Novosibirsk - 18.02.2012 year

I was recently in "Snow-foam show in the country giant soap bubbles" in Anapa with children 3 and 9 years. Went for the kids. Of course, the scale they are huge. It's amazing how was able to hold this large-scale show in such a small room, even with the fountains! All very nice - barely took kids from the audience after... my husband too liked the show. There were, of course, pure childhood moments, but overall it's really a show for the whole family - recommended!

- Julia, 33 years Anapa - 24.06.17

Recently went with family on a "Snow-foam show Seleznev". A very unusual sight! The music chosen incredible lots of light! Artists work live, out in the hall a few times. Catchy songs – music, however, is known - the kids just squeal with delight and stimulate interaction with the characters. We are very satisfied and happy to go on view again when the theatre will again come to our city.

- Anton Chekhov - 17.04.2016 year

Almost by accident (gave the tickets to the birthday daughter's friends) came on the Show Seleznev in Khimki and was struck by a very diverse program that it is hard to expect from a touring team, which gives only one concert! Daughter loved it (more pictures in the bubble and with a cool Bear left on the memory!), and I'm with my highly critical attitude towards such events have fun. Surprised by the price of the tickets to that great show from 600 to 1000. So, we are very happy. The only remark is a bit of a late break - there were too many wanting to take a picture at mile bubble.

- Vladimir Khimki - 29.11.2015 year

Went for a snow foam show with my nephew in Sochi. Of course, like to spend time interesting and informative. Often, unfortunately, children's theaters show a very low level of submissions. And what? This show totally met our expectations! Left with the presentation in a good mood! The children often ran out of different characters, play with them. Magical fairies were handed flashlights and children, touching them, making wishes. Bubbles surprised! Shimmering in different colors, mesmerizing huge soap bubbles! The artists work with a soap film wonders. Initially pleased with the variety of tricks with bubbles. Describe it is useless, that being said, you need to see once! The artists have really done a lot of things with bubbles before they burst. All masterful, relaxed, fulfilled. It was nice to see the fountains that play dynamically and musically, to feel the coolness! Overall, the programme is very rich and interesting. It was great! Thank you very much!

- Andrey Sochi - 05.10.2014 year

Vacationing with his wife and son on the black sea with friends in Adler, sunbathing on the beach and saw something incredible, the clowns walked down the beach and blew huge bubbles, this even I in my entire life have not seen, do not know what they had done, but was very beautiful, sparkled in the sun! Our child was given a flyer describing the show, which this day was to take place koncernom hall sanctoria South coast, returning from the beach have bought tickets... However, got not very comfortable with the region but it was visible well, the show loved us and especially our baby, he is only 3years(by the way, children under 4 years are free), the show was held in one breath, did not even notice how flew 2 hours! I never thought that I will like the bubbles(it was on the show for the sake of the baby), it was very beautiful, bright and fascinating and, really, GIANT bubbles across the entire width of the stage at intermission was photographed in a bubble, the three of us, so different to the photo attached is a beautiful card which you can insert a photo! After the intermission, began the second part, I liked the giant bubbles were meter 1.5–2 in diameter, stunning trelise, but when balls flew into the hall I felt like a kid! Also saw a giant transformer and white Teddy bear, which after a concert also took pictures! Thanks to the organizers of the show for the fun, loved it!!! The kid didn't want to leave until I bought him a bottle of soap solution with which at home they played with the whole family

- Eugene Adler, 10.04.2014 year

So much schlock show the so-called gastroliruyuschaya-St. Petersburg theatres. And then we were stunned! One ticket to the Show Seleznev was free and gave the invitation, bought two and never regretted the money spent. Great! Well done to the artists - off the audience, which barely took the children out of the room. Good luck and success to you!

- Natalia Ufa - 15.02.2014 year

In March we went to show Seleznev. I would like to say that this interesting idea to our city, not here. It was a real fairy tale full of magic and mysteries. Thank you very much team of this theater, which gave joy and happiness to the audience. So bright and red sight. It's just a holiday not only for children but also for adults!

- Marina Voronezh - 17.03.2013 year

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